Selecting from the Menu

Merchant Osteria Veneta also offers a wonderful selection of flat grilled and chargrilled fish as well as other seafood and meat. The Gamberi goes for $38 and features garlic, butter, and Queensland prawns, the Luganighe goes for $32 and features Venetian pork sausage. Pollo goes for $38 and features roasted Milawa chicken. Baccala Alla Vicentina goes for $37 and features anchovies and milk-cooked salt cured cod. The $42 Bistesca features a quarter kilogram O’Connor scotch fillet. The Spezzatino also goes for $42 and features red wine, tomato, and braised Sher wagyu beef. The Capretto in Umido offers an equally promising adventure for your palate. This selection goes for $38 and features white wine, wild mushrooms, potato, and braised seven hills goat.

This Italian-inspired establishment also offers a fine selection of Salata verdure including the $10 Radecio cos featuring cos and radicchio, $12 Zucca al Forno featuring Montasio, and roasted Borlotti beans, tomato, and chopped cos, and the $12 Vedure with olive oil and greens.

Merchant Osteria Veneta also passes the test when it comes to mouth-watering desserts with prices ranging from $10 to $16. Some of the most popular dessert selections include the $12 gelato, $16 gianduja semifreddo featuring hazelnut and chocolate semifreddo, $16 Pera featuring almond ice cream, polenta, and pear tart, $16 tiramisu, $16 strudel featuring cinnamon ice cream and apple strudel, and $10 torta.

Other selections on Merchant Osteria Veneta’s menu include the Fromajo where you can choose from 5 different categories. The categories include Luigi Guffanti, and Gorgonzola Piccante Dop for $12, Alta Langa and Toma Della Rocca for $12, Mantova and Grana Padano Dop for $12, Valsassina, Luigi Guffanti, and Taleggio Dop for $12, and Veneto and Veneto d’estate for $12. In addition, Merchant Osteria Veneta also offers a wonderful tea and coffee selection including the $3.80 T2 tea selection and $4 territory Melbourne coffee.

All in all, Merchant Osteria Veneta is an establishment worth considering if you’re looking for a restaurant offering Italian-inspired dishes. The restaurant offers the finest Italian dishes in one of the most casual environments in Melbourne. The customer service at Merchant Osteria Veneta is excellent, to say the least. The staff is quite hospitable and polite and will give you any assistance you need. They are also quite knowledgeable about the items on the menu and are willing to answer any questions that you may have or make a recommendation based on your preference. Merchant Osteria Veneta is the ideal place to hang out with family and friends or catch up with old acquaintances. The meals are also quite reasonably priced and offer a wonderful price-value proposition. If you are in Melbourne, or are planning on visiting Melbourne soon and are wondering what are some of the finest dining establishments, Merchant Osteria Veneta is the answer. Your palate will scarcely be disappointed.