An Osteria is a place for food, wine and the company of others, not a restaurant of rigid style but a relaxed informal environment to drink or eat.




The name “Territory Melbourne Coffee” acts as a descriptor for the environment, people and the land, and pays homage to where it comes from. It encapsulates Italian heritage and how this has shaped the Melbourne culture along with the expert technique in roasting.

Territory Melbourne Coffee raises the coffee benchmark producing something that is both distinctly Melbourne with Italian tones.

After months of working together with Small Batch Coffee Roasters in choosing the beans, growers, roast profiles, blending and tasting; we have developed a unique blend of coffee with a distinct flavour using Colombian beans from two farmers Alvero Pedermo (Finca Providencia) from the origin of Bolivar, Acevedo, Huila, Colombia and Jorge Alfonso Chavarro from the origin of San Antonio, Timana, Huila, Colombia.

Territory Melbourne Coffee has consistent quality as its core with seasonal nuances seeing the selection, blending and roasting process repeated at every harvest which promises an unmatched hand crafted product that is uniquely Melbourne artisan and reflects on the values and the ethos of how we choose and prepare our food and coffee.

Territory Melbourne Coffee is now available within Grossi Restaurants – Grossi Florentino, Merchant Osteria Veneta and Ombra Salumi Bar as part of our ongoing commitment to the sourcing of quality products that are transparent in their provenance and have a sense of place.

Territory Melbourne Coffee is inherently ‘Melbournese’, reflecting what is at the heart of true Melbourne espresso.

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