An Osteria is a place for food, wine and the company of others, not a restaurant of rigid style but a relaxed informal environment to drink or eat.


Hospitality Excellence Fellowship



The International Specialised Skills Institute Sir James Gobbo Fellowship has been awarded to Guy Grossi.

This fellowship involves an in depth study of all aspects of existing centres of excellence successfully operating in other countries. Findings will be shared with government, industry and corporations with the prospect of creating a specialised centre of Hospitality Excellence in Australia.

Australia has a high standard within our service industry driven by our exceptional produce and extremely dedicated and talented individuals.

For the Australian Hospitality Service Industry to be a leader into the future with predicted growth and continue to meet demands, the education and skills of our people to be intuitive, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and creative is crucial.

An innovative centre of excellence could create more resources, new jobs, tourism, and business opportunities and build on Australia’s reputation.

To learn more, please contact:
Liz Grossi Rodriguez

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